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Thanksgiving Day 2014

The Astrology influences of Thursday, November 27, 2014
Rick Levine

Every year Thanksgiving falls on the first Thursday after the Sun moves into inspiring and hopeful Sagittarius. This is a sign of fellowship, and on Thanksgiving Day 2014, the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all be in this optimistic sign.

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On Wednesday, November 26, the Sun squared dreamy Neptune, setting us up with high hopes for a happy holiday. Also on Wednesday, Venus formed a trine with surprising Uranus, pulling our hearts toward exciting and unique possibilities.

Then, on November 27, Thanksgiving Day, the Moon in Aquarius is placed exactly halfway between Venus and Uranus, reactivating the beautiful trine from Wednesday and allowing it to linger throughout the holiday.

All in all, expect a few fun and non-traditional surprises to greet you and your family this Thanksgiving holiday. And while you may have bigger concerns in the back of your mind, this is a day to put family and gratitude first and allow your spirit to soar.

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