Truthiness and Jupiter in Gemini

Truthiness and Jupiter in Gemini

The Sun in Libra was conjunct gigantic Jupiter on October 17, 2005, when comedian Stephen Colbert introduced the world to the word "truthiness." It means reliance on gut instincts rather than facts, logic or objective evidence to describe reality.

This is like the higher self you can tap into with a Self-Knowledge Tarot reading, and Colbert's satirical idea has rooted itself in contemporary culture as subjective values have taken on more importance than scientific data or intellectual analysis.

Perhaps we New Age touchy-feely types have contributed to this trend as the value of individual experience has grown to counter the cold calculations of the digital age. It's an example of the concept that turning attention in one direction turns our minds away from another. Hunger for organic and human-centered life was a driving force of hippie romanticism.

Search for spirituality

The search for spirituality ignited interest in Eastern religions and metaphysical practices, including Astrology. Recognizing that reality is not limited to the measurements of instruments nor bound by modern scientific methods is useful. However, we may have exceeded the practical limits of this notion and will do well to seek balance between the subjective inner world of individual experience and the outer world of objective observation.

Jupiter, the planet of truth, is now dancing on the edges of these different realities as it transits the dualistic sign of Gemini from June 11, 2012 until June 25, 2013. Jupiter is weak in the sign of the Twins, according to astrological tradition. The reason is that this planet of the higher mind is associated with meaning and truth while Gemini is a data collector less interested in discerning good information from bad.

Judgmental Jupiter in blithe Gemini can play fast and loose with facts, but opinions are not facts. The passion of our convictions is not evidence of their truth, although the emotions driving them compel us to think so. If the power of belief was proof of their objective reality, how could there be dedicated adherents to different religions? If there was one true faith, it should be obvious to everyone, which is clearly not the case.

Shades of grey

One of the challenges of these times is a lack of adult discussion that recognizes nuance and the various shades of gray between our absolutist blacks and whites. For example, significant events are almost never caused by a single factor. We don't need to decide whether Hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming because there were many forces that drove its wind and water. Yes, there have always been climate changes, but yes, our cars, homes and factories pump vast quantities of hot air and particulate matter into our finite atmosphere. Answers to complex questions are often complex.

A value of astrology is its ability to describe the nature of cycles so we can recognize fluctuating patterns in the world and in ourselves. Jupiter in Gemini may debase meaning with careless thinking, but it is also a reminder that some truths are not absolute and change over time.

Still, the intellectual flexibility it offers can also encourage emotional cowardice when we settle for superficial explanations instead of examining ourselves more deeply. The lies and half-truths of public figures may undermine the integrity of society, but the most pernicious lies are the ones of omission that we hide from ourselves. The unacknowledged fears and desires that control our thoughts and actions are more repressive than any dictator. And the most precious truths that are the hardest to find lie within the shadows of our hearts and minds, where we are often too afraid to look.

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