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Uranus Square Pluto: Creative Destruction

Uranus Square Pluto: Creative Destruction

Holding on versus letting go
Jeff Jawer

We live in interesting times, especially here in booming Shanghai, China, where I've been traveling the past few weeks. Big shiny buildings of ultra-modern design make it look and feel like a city of the future. This bustling hub of the new world economy is so deeply rooted in finance that flashing stock tickers appear on some highway overpasses. It's an excellent metaphor for the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, the dominant astrological pattern of 2012-15, that is likely to shape the future for decades to come. Change can be scary -- but it doesn't have to be, when you have insightful guidance from an exclusive Mandala Changes Tarot reading.

My friend Felicia Jiang, a partner in Nodoor.com, which is sponsoring my trip, mentioned an idea that fits the reality of these times and this major planetary pattern. It's "creative destruction," a term associated with the economist Joseph Schumpeter that was first used by Karl Marx. The famous author of "The Communist Manifesto," interestingly, had the Sun and Moon in Taurus (the money sign) and revolutionary Uranus square both Pluto and Saturn, echoing some of the aspects that we're experiencing today. I am not, I assure you, predicting a revival of Marxist philosophy, but the current economic environment may well be shaken considerably in the next few years.

The process of elimination

"Creative destruction" is the concept of breaking down existing patterns and institutions to make way for new ones. It reflects the transformative forces of innovative Uranus in Aries' challenging alignment with controlling Pluto in Capricorn. We're all faced, in one way or another, with decisions about where to hold on to the past and where to let go and dive into the future. Saturn, the planet of necessity, is in Scorpio now, which is about examining values, needs and relationships to decide where and how changes should be made. It's natural, though, to resist eliminating people and plans in our lives in spite of the limited satisfaction some of them provide.

Playing it safe almost always seems, well, safer yet these days that might not be the case. Standing still is difficult during these planetary tidal waves of change but is probably more dangerous that breaking free of the past and boldly leaping into the future. Giving up a secure but unrewarding job, an emotionally empty relationship or an uninspiring creative vision are the kinds of risk-taking that are appropriate now. I'm not suggesting reckless behavior, but am recommending consideration of reasonable plans to let go of the old to make room for the new.

Uranus square Pluto is generally interpreted as dangerous, and is very much so for those who resist change. But for individuals and institutions that are inspired by innovation this is a great opportunity to transform the world by transforming ourselves. Human beings have been evolving for a very long time and now we seem to be ready for another leap forward. Being the change, as some have said, may turn out to be the safest and smartest way to go.

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