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These Two Planets Are Giving Love a Boost

Why your love life could be smoother in 2019 Staff

This is a wonderful year for love! Not only did Jupiter's move into Sagittarius give your heart a jolt of optimism, but the two planets that drive your love life, Mars and Venus, will NOT be turning retrograde in 2019. Normally, there are several weeks out of the year when at least one of these planets travels backward, causing us to find ourselves in a tragic love funk. We don't connect with our partners, we question the entire relationship, or we may even call up an ex despite the fact that their contact name has been changed to "Don't Do It."

This year, the universe is giving our hearts a break -- and an opportunity to make progress in your love life. Whether you've been with your sweetheart for 30 years or are still in the honeymoon stage, you can expect fun, sexy, and adventurous things to happen in your relationship in 2019. In fact, without these two planets throwing a monkey wrench into your romantic plans, you may not have to ask any of these questions this year...

"What is going on in your head?"

Communication is key when it comes to a healthy relationship. So, when your significant other starts to become withdrawn, indecisive, or elusive, it can make you go a little crazy with curiosity. When the planet of action is no longer moving forward, it can make you or your loved one internalize your frustration and anger -- and lead to explosive arguments. This is classic Mars Retrograde behavior. Thankfully, you'll have a whole year of uninterrupted honesty and openness, helping you avoid needless lover's spats.

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"So, I guess we're staying in again?"

"Netflix and Chill" is great, as long as both of you are craving a night in. But you can only take so many pizza and movie nights before you're itching for a little excitement. This year, that option will always be on the table! When Mars turns retrograde, we're likely to experience some seriously lethargic behavior. We can barely get off the couch long enough to answer the door for a food delivery, let alone go out for a lively date night. With Mars traveling in forward motion the entire year, make sure to keep your little black dress and fancy shoes close by because your honey just might sweep you off your feet and take you on some dates you'll never forget!

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"Another headache, huh?"

Say goodbye to excuses and long droughts in the bedroom! 2019 will not only be romantic, it'll be incredibly steamy. Venus, the planet of pleasure, and Mars, the planet of action, are charging forward without hesitation all year. This means all sexy systems are go, and you and your lover are free to turn on the heat and indulge in one another! When these planets go retrograde, we often experience low libido and a disconnect between the sheets. It can be challenging to build back your consistent chemistry after a dry spell, so enjoy this passionate year and express your love for one another in some fun and freaky ways!

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"Is that your ex calling?"

No one knows how to bring down a blossoming relationship quite like an ex. As uncomfortable as it is to think about, your significant other has probably dated other people, maybe even a few people who still linger. When Venus is retrograde, we tend to think long and hard about our past relationships and the people in them. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary to reach out to an ex and try to reconnect -- or for them to reach out to you. Sometimes this can bring you closure and actually help your new relationship grow. But normally, this only leads to trouble and can diminish the trust and progress between you and your partner. Thankfully, the urge to rekindle an old flame will be seriously dampened this year! You'll have a chance to soak up all your lover's attention without any ex drama getting in your way. The past is in the past, and the future is bright for you and your honey.

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"Where is this relationship going?"

This is one of the looming questions that can haunt you during Venus Retrograde. You're forced to weigh the pros and cons of your current relationship, endlessly mapping out the future of your love life. With the planet of love moving forward the entire year, you and your partner won't be asking, "Why?" when it comes to your union. Instead, you'll be asking yourself, "Why not?!" There will still be plenty of room to have more serious conversations about your relationship, so you and your lover don't end up standing still. However, you might find that the lighthearted energy surrounding you this year could encourage more positive communication and momentum in your relationship.

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