Weekly Love Horoscopes by Maria DeSimone

Aries Weekly Love Horoscopes

For the Week of Monday, Apr. 30 — If you're in a relationship, then the level of intimacy between you and your partner this week will be off the charts. You'll feel connected on a deep soul level and might even experience an awakening of sorts because of your relationship. If you've been intimate recently, you might feel as if you're having the most fulfilling sex of your entire life. While it's somewhat due to the partnership you're in, there is a definite personal factor involved. For whatever reason, you've done enough work on an emotional and spiritual level to open yourself up and be vulnerable to sharing yourself completely with another person. That brave decision of yours is now something you'll reap the rewards of. If single, a sexual blockage you might have is disintegrating, allowing you to open up to someone new.

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