Weekly Love Horoscopes by Maria DeSimone

Aries Weekly Love Horoscopes

For the Week of Monday, Jun. 25 — This is not the week to jump on any type of sexual advance that comes from a friend or acquaintance. For starters, it's not likely that you're feeling it. Even more importantly, you know it's just not a good idea. There's no way that this can end well if you're suddenly put in a position of having to turn down this pal. Let's say you and a group of your friends are all out drinking or dancing the night away somewhere. This specific friend might have had one too many cocktails and say something inappropriate. The next day when he or she sobers up and realizes it, the awkwardness will set in. There's just no avoiding it. In other news, on Friday, you might start talking to a new love interest. Keep things light.

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