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For the Week of Monday, Feb. 26 — When the planets conspire to make your love life amazing, you don't want to waste a drop of the cosmic goodness. Heads up: That's exactly what you're in for this week! Venus and Pluto link up on Tuesday in a way that gives you and your lover the potential to reach the next level of transcendental "wow!" in your physical and emotional bond. Healthy attachment and vulnerability is well supported -- and so is off-the-charts lovemaking. On Thursday, Venus and Jupiter will be in a gorgeous trine to each other, making you feel spoiled and taken care of spiritually by your lover all at once. If you're single, a Full Moon in Virgo on the same day might help you become keenly aware of what you need in a relationship in order to make it function. Lucky for you, Mercury will conjunct Venus on Sunday, helping you to verbalize all of this to your next dating prospect ... and have it well received.

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