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For the Week of Monday, May. 7 — You've got quite the potty mouth this week, so it's possible that you'll say something to your love that you later regret. On Monday, Mercury will square off with Pluto along with Venus squaring Neptune. This is not easy energy to navigate because your mind will be suspicious and assume the worst, while another part of you will still want to put up blinders to any unhealthy situation that might be in your love life. Argumentative energy ensues by Saturday and Sunday as Mercury squares Mars and is conjunct Uranus. You might spew out false, paranoid accusations to your sweetheart. It's equally possible, however, that you'll verbally attack your lover for something he or she has genuinely done to hurt you. It won't be pretty. Can this be fixed? Of course. Remember: you choose to forgive the person, not the crime.

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