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For the Week of Monday, Jul. 2 — There's an interesting mix of energy in the sky when it comes to romance. On one hand, you might feel very lovey and light this week when it comes to your sweetie. A gorgeous trine between the Sun and Jupiter on Thursday, followed by a trine between the Sun and Neptune on Sunday, suggests benevolence, kindness, and truly seeing the very best qualities in your mate and in your relationship overall. What's not fitting, however, is a rather unkind conversation you and your love might have on Thursday when Mercury, now in dramatic Leo, opposes Mars, which is currently traveling retrograde. It's possible that you will need to speak your piece about things not moving the way you want them to in your current love life situation. Alternately, you might have a discussion about your sex life that isn't the easiest to have. Push through. This will allow you both to get back to focusing on love and light.

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