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For the Week of Monday, Aug. 6 — Venus moves into her home sign Libra on Monday, but won't be able to give off her best vibes just yet. She wants to create balance and harmony in love, but a square to Saturn on Thursday blocks her expression. Holding back in matters of the heart is more likely than not, no matter what your particular romantic scenario is. You might be holding back because someone else doesn't want to put in the effort to make things nice. If they don't, you wonder, why should you? Just remember that with this attitude, no one wins in the game of love. Adding to the mix is a Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday. This eclipse promises a fresh start in terms of romance, but since Mercury is retrograde next to the eclipse you might have to truly let go of a romantic attachment to someone in the past first. Or, in some cases, you will have this new beginning with someone in your past. It's no wonder you're holding back -- you aren't sure just yet whether or not it's too good to be true. The truth is, you won't know until the end of the month.

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