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For the week of Monday, Mar 12th, 2018

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    General Horoscope

    Your love life might take an uncomfortable turn early in the week as Venus squares off with Saturn on Tuesday. This might be about personal integrity in a romantic matter, and if so, you'll have to take the high road. Unfortunately it won't feel good, because taking this path might also mean saying goodbye to someone you love. Fortunately, a New Moon in Pisces on Saturday will help renew your faith in achieving unconditional love with someone who truly deserves it. Forgiveness is also possible if needed in your love life. As for your sex life? It might become ... strategic and lusty. You can thank Mars moving into Capricorn on Saturday for that.

  • Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

    Love might feel like a giant ball of "ouch" for you this week. If you're in a relationship or trying to get into a relationship with someone special, it's possible that you will feel stuck -- as if you're walking through molasses. Perhaps your lover is not giving you what you want and deserve in this relationship, and if so, you might have to address this inconvenient and uncomfortable truth. While you can work through this, you'll also have to be clear to your lover about what you know you deserve and what you simply won't put up with. If single, you might fall into the trap of thinking you'll never find love again. Don't be silly ... it's right around the corner.

  • Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

    You've got a moral dilemma this week when it comes to your love life. There might be secrets you're keeping from your partner ... secrets that could destroy what is otherwise something beautiful between the two of you. Perhaps you've found yourself tangled up in a clandestine affair with someone else. It might not even be physical, but the emotional attachment is there. Or, it's possible that you'll discover your partner is keeping secrets from you. Whatever this is, it won't feel good and it might literally chip away at your self-esteem. Address it head on, before it chips away at your self-respect.

  • Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

    If you've recently met someone online or through a friend, this won't be the week to rush into a sexual relationship with him or her. You might find that it's anything but fulfilling. In fact, you may feel quite disappointed and regret it altogether. Another possibility is that you're in a relationship with someone and sharing finances. There might be a major expense thrown at the both of you this week, leading to an argument or difference of opinion about how to manage your joint money. It's better to have the argument this week because sweeping it under the rug will only lead to resentment.

  • Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

    You might feel as if your partner is not being as supportive as he or she could be while you're pursuing a new career opportunity. In fact, he or she might start to pick fights with you since you're likely to have less time to devote to your partner's needs. The truth is you want to focus on the positive career aspects that are blooming for you, and you wish your partner would stop being so self-absorbed. Have an honest conversation with your mate, and if you do need to have a fight, don't avoid it. It's the only way to lead to reconciliation and compromise.

  • Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

    If you're in a relationship, then this week there might be a favorable shift for you and your partner as it relates to joint finances. A stunning New Moon on Saturday will fall in your 8th House of Shared Resources. Your partner might receive a raise or other happy news about money, and if so, it's likely to benefit you as well. Another possibility is that the two of you will have an opportunity to make an investment together or will decide it's time to make a major purchase such as your first home together. Go for it!

  • Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

    If you're single, you might feel a literal block -- as if your heart will never get what it truly wants. If you do find yourself struggling with a romantic disappointment this week, try to keep in mind that losing something is not always a loss -- sometimes it's a gift that is necessary to create space in your life for something even better to arrive. The key here is to remind yourself that you deserve something better. If you're in a relationship, then you and your partner might not feel the love as much thanks to a mutual financial distraction. Get a handle on it ASAP!

  • Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

    You might need a bandage for your heart this week. If you're in a relationship, it's possible that you won't feel the love from your partner the way you need to. You might feel as if he or she is prioritizing a family situation with one of his or her relatives over you. If there is a domestic crisis your mate is going through, then do your best to be supportive and understanding. If, however, it's more about this relative manipulating your partner's time and attention, then you'll need to speak up. You don't ask for much in a relationship, Libra, but you don't like feeling invisible. No one does.

  • Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

    You might have some trouble at work this week if you're tangled up in an office romance. Be very careful about mixing business with pleasure. In fact, unless you're certain that it's worth the risk, you may want to avoid this situation altogether. If you're completely single, there is new love on the horizon. Saturday's New Moon will land right in your 5th House of True Love, helping to bring in your next soul mate. Are you ready? If you're partnered, then this lunation might open up the door for you and your mate to have a child together. Regardless, love will expand.

  • Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

    You might be worried that you're dating a gold digger or someone looking for a sugar mama. Your lover might make a sly remark about how much he or she would like this piece of jewelry or that latest gadget. You'll easily read between the lines and know that the truth is, they hope you'll buy it for them. Or it's possible that you've fallen in love with this person but realize you're the one always going in your pocket to pay for dates and other romantic ventures. Relationships are about give and take. If you're doing all the giving, then ask yourself: what do you really have?

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  • Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

    You might come across as more severe or even cold toward your partner than you intend to this week. Be aware of your mannerisms and actions -- especially around your home if you live together. Your partner might have done something so very nice for you at home and instead of you appreciating it, you might criticize it, or even worse, not even notice! As a result, your partner's feelings will be hurt and he or she will be left wondering why they even bother going out of their way to make you feel special. Don't forget to remind the person you love this week just how much you value them. It's important.

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  • Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

    Your lover might be keeping a secret from you, or vice versa. This week, it's possible that all will be revealed, and however the chips fall, the result will be the same: you might lose it all. If this relationship has been wrought with insurmountable obstacles since its inception, then this might just be the painful wakeup call you need to realize that it's time to close this chapter of your life. Remember, no matter which one of you has the secret, the fact that one exists is a red flag. Choose to work through it or have enough integrity to move on.

  • Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

    You've got so much to look forward to this week, Pisces! The major event is a New Moon in your sign on Saturday. This lunation promises you a significant personal start in just about any area of life you choose to direct it. Most obvious, of course, will be your love life. If you're single, then a 2-week window of opportunity will open up where your next soul mate could easily fly in. You'll feel an immediate emotional and spiritual connection to this person -- a sense of knowing. If you're in a relationship, then you'll have a chance to deepen the soul space you and your partner share. It could be magical.