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Weekly Astrology: August 17-23, 2015

All work and some play...
Maria DeSimone

Enjoy the nostalgic love energy at the beginning of the week, because after that it's time to get down to business!

Wednesday, August 19: Venus Retrograde trine Uranus

You might give a hot and heavy -- but fleeting -- love affair a second chance on Wednesday when Venus (now retrograde) will be at a perfect angle to Uranus. Venus and Uranus together often indicate excitement and "love at first sight" opportunities, but all by itself this connection has little staying power. Since Venus is retrograde, there's an indication that someone in your past that you hooked up with (or wanted to) will make an appearance again, offering you the opportunity once more. If you take it you may want to leave your expectations at the door and be willing to simply live in the moment!

Friday, August 21: Sun in Leo square Saturn

On Friday, the Sun will square off with Saturn, snuffing out your light and demanding that you focus on what needs to get done. You might have an authority figure such as your boss or a parent sternly criticize you for the way you are prioritizing things in your life at the moment. He or she might even admonish you for playing before working. Ouch!

Sunday, August 23: Sun enters Virgo

Then, on Sunday, the Sun enters Virgo and everyone will seem to be in that "business" mode -- including you! Use the energy of this Virgo Sun to take care of every essential detail that helps your life function. Just don't forget to whistle while you work!

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