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Weekly Astrology: August 29 - September 4, 2016

A peak in productivity
Maria DeSimone

This week communication is tricky, love is beautiful, and just for good measure, there's a Solar Eclipse in the mix. Read all about it!

Monday, Aug 29: Mercury conjunct Venus; Venus enters Libra

On Monday, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Virgo, allowing you to make a productive and positive decision about work. You might also work beautifully with your colleagues on a team project.

Later that day, Venus slides into her home sign of Libra. Until September 23, you'll have a stronger yearning for peace in all relationships. You'll somehow know that two is better than one.

Tuesday, August 30: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

On Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo. Until September 22, you might have to rethink your routine. Are you being as efficient and productive as possible? If not, this is the time to address it.

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Thursday, September 1: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo; Sun square Saturn

Fortunately, a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Thursday supports a fresh start in all work and health matters. The Sun square Saturn on the same day, however, will caution you to listen to and respect those who are in charge -- even if you don't always like what they have to say.

Friday, September 2: Sun opposite Neptune; Mercury conjunct Jupiter

On Friday the Sun opposes Neptune, and retrograde Mercury will conjunct Jupiter. Idealism runs high, but you might be second-guessing one of your recent bright ideas.

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