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Weekly Astrology: December 14-20, 2015

An optimistic spirit
Maria DeSimone

Romantic potential may be strong this week, but communication will be fragile. No, scratch that. Communication will be inflamed! Read all about it...

Monday, December 14: Sun square Jupiter; Mercury sextile Neptune

On Monday the Sun and Jupiter will square off, giving you an optimistic spirit, but the tendency to promise more than you can deliver. Enjoy the happy boost but keep yourself in check. Also, Mercury will be at a friendly sextile to Neptune. Imagination soars and all artistic projects will see progress early in the week.

Thursday, December 17: Venus sextile Pluto

On Thursday, Venus and Pluto will embrace in a supportive sextile, lifting each other up to a whole new level! Money and love are areas that will experience positive transformation now, so be sure to use this link to your advantage -- both in business and in pleasure!

Saturday, December 19: Mercury conjunct Pluto
Sunday, December 20: Mercury square Uranus

Saturday and Sunday is when everything appears to fall apart. Mercury will first conjunct Pluto and then will square off with Uranus. This means potentially sharp, manipulative, and even erratic conversations with just about anyone you're in contact with. Save important dialogue for another weekend. You'll be glad you did.

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