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Weekly Astrology: December 21-27, 2015

All that glitters IS gold
Maria DeSimone

Ah finally, a week to smile about! That's right, get ready to spread that holiday cheer! Check it out...

Monday, December 21: Sun enters Capricorn; Winter Solstice

First on Monday, the Sun will move into Capricorn. This will help you shine a light of attention on whatever it is in your life that you need to spend more disciplined energy on. Take responsibility for whatever area of life Capricorn happens to fall in your chart and you'll surely reap the rewards. Not sure where to focus? With Capricorn, you can't go wrong assessing your life goals and making a plan to help you get there. Go for it!

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Thursday, December 24: Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter

Then, on Thursday (Christmas Eve), Venus will be at a lovely sextile to Jupiter. This is the ultimate Santa Claus aspect! Jupiter is the planet of gifts, blessings, and abundance, and Venus rules love, money, aesthetics, and social harmony. As a result you can anticipate giving and receiving the perfect holiday gifts this year. In addition, you and your sweetheart will feel especially connected romantically as you share the holiday spirit.

Friday, December 25: Full Moon in Cancer; Mercury trine Jupiter; Uranus Direct

Making this week even more perfect is the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day. This Full Moon beautifully connects to inspirational Neptune, allowing you to feel completely fulfilled and at peace with your family connections this holiday season. On the same day, Mercury will trine Jupiter, allowing perfect communication flow. Finally, Uranus stations direct. This will offer just enough stimulation to provide at least one unexpected situation for the whole family to laugh at for years to come!

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