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Weekly Astrology: February 6-12, 2017

Breaking new ground
Maria DeSimone

This week, cosmic energies are reminding you that everything you need is already inside of you. Luckily, this could lead to positive rewards in different areas of your life. Read on to find out what you can expect...

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Monday, February 6: Jupiter Retrograde

On Monday, the planet of luck and philosophy, Jupiter, turns retrograde in Libra, prompting you to go within and reconsider how your partnership blessings are related to the faith you have in relationships. Remember, you get out of it what you put into it. This trend will last until June 9.

Tuesday, February 7: Mercury enters Aquarius

Then, on Tuesday, Mercury moves into Aquarius where he remains until February 25, infusing our thoughts with that whatever benefits the greater good.

Thursday, February 9: Sun sextile Uranus

On Thursday, the Sun will sextile Uranus, adding to the eccentric vibe and illuminating your most progressive talents.

Friday, February 10: Lunar Eclipse in Leo; Mercury sextile Venus

The headline news is a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Friday. Brilliant potential for creative fulfillment and romance is yours for the taking. Mercury will also be at a perfect sextile to Venus, opening up the possibility for innovative ideas that have money-making potential.

Saturday, February 11: Sun trine Jupiter

The Sun trine Jupiter on Saturday will feel like icing on the cake. An open mind and an open heart will get you everywhere.

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