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This Week's Astrology: Ironing Out the Wrinkles

Your weekly Astrology highlights for July 24-30, 2017
Maria DeSimone

The road to romance might feel a bit rocky at the beginning of the week. Will things even out by Sunday? Here's what you can expect...

Monday, July 24: Venus opposite Saturn; Mercury trine Uranus

Matters of the heart are weighty this Monday thanks to Venus opposing Saturn. This is the time to remember that the things worth having don't come easily. Also on this day, Mercury will trine Uranus, compelling you to share your ingenious ideas with anyone who will listen.

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Tuesday, July 25: Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury will enter Virgo on Tuesday, helping you to focus on the details behind all of your brilliant plans.

Wednesday, July 26: Sun conjunct Mars

On Wednesday, the Sun will conjunct Mars, giving you the most vibrant energy for pleasure. Your mind wants to work, but your body wants to have fun.

Sunday, July 31: Venus sextile Uranus

With Venus at a sextile to Uranus by Sunday, it looks like fun and pleasure will prevail.