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Weekly Astrology: July 6 - 12, 2015

It's a roller coaster ride!
Maria DeSimone

This week will be like a roller coaster, so buckle up and get ready for the ride!

Monday, July 6: Sun opposite Pluto

On Monday the Sun will oppose Pluto, making it a red-flag day for power struggles in relationships. You may want the upper hand just as much as someone else in your life when it comes to a specific situation. In the end, you can either choose to play tug of war until one of you is exhausted or you can take the high road and compromise.

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Wednesday, July 8: Mercury enters Cancer; Mars in Cancer trine Neptune

On Wednesday, Mercury enters Cancer where he'll remain until July 23. Communication will be centered much more on domestic concerns and you may actually enjoy talking to your family more these days. This will be a great time to plan a fun gathering where you and your clan can eat, drink and be merry. Your memory may also kick into high gear during this time and that will certainly make you smile.

Mars (also in Cancer) will also trine Neptune on this day, allowing you to put emotionally-charged action into the pursuit of an important dream. Your faith in your ability to get ahead will be strong on this day, so use it well!

Sunday, July 12: Sun in Cancer square Uranus

On Sunday, the Sun will square off with Uranus. You might have a battle of wills within yourself. You may want to break free from a pattern that you feel you have been tied to due to your upbringing or heritage. Paving a new way is indicated but you are likely to encounter resistance along the way.

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