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Weekly Astrology: June 22 - 28, 2015

Feeling connected...
Maria DeSimone

Lucky breaks, confused thoughts, and an ability to fight for your family in a way no one wants to mess with. Yep, that's what's in store this week. Read all about it!

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Monday, June 22: Jupiter trine Uranus

On Monday Jupiter, the planet of gifts and expansion, will be at a gorgeous trine to Uranus, the planet of sudden change. Since Jupiter is linking up in such a happy way to Uranus you can anticipate a positive boost of luck in your life. Whatever the details of your personal situation are, this lucky break will appear to come out of nowhere and in an instant. Savor it!

Tuesday, June 23: Mercury square Neptune

On Tuesday, it'll be one of those days when you might want to pretend you have laryngitis. Mercury will be square Neptune, confusing thoughts and prompting you to fumble a lot more with your words. Since your mind may be cloudier than usual, it's not recommended that you sign contracts or make a vital decision on this day. Mercury connected to Neptune is far better suited for activities that require your imagination -- or to simply check out in fantasyland.

Wednesday, June 24: Mars enters Cancer

On Wednesday Mars will enter Cancer, the sign of home and hearth. Mars is the planet of war and assertive drive, and now he'll be in a watery, emotional sign he's not exactly comfy in. The good news of Mars in Cancer is that you'll feel motivated to connect more with your clan and to work on any home-related repairs. The not-so-good news is that your fighting instinct won't have a direct route, and as a result passive-aggressive behavior might run rampant. Do your best to keep it in check and if you see it from others, call them out on it.

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