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Weekly Astrology: June 6-12, 2016

Opportunities abound
Maria DeSimone

This week is full of curiosity and unexpected events! Read on to see what you can expect...

Monday, June 6: Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini

Your bright, curious sense of self can shine in a way that others simply can't ignore this Monday. As the Sun is conjunct Venus in cerebral Gemini, be sure to convey your communication talents for all to see!

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Thursday, June 9: Mercury opposite Mars Retrograde

On Thursday, sticking to your guns might not be so easy. While you might be holding on to a point of view for dear life, it'll feel impossible to convince others to get on your mental bandwagon. You can thank Mercury opposite Mars Retrograde for that.

Sunday, June 12: Venus sextile Uranus; Mercury enters Gemini

Come Sunday, there could be an unexpected romantic opportunity in the mix! Venus and Uranus will be at a friendly angle, allowing you to make the most of unusual love or financial prospects.

Mercury enters Gemini on the same day, and until June 29, mental stimulation will be everywhere!

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