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Weekly Astrology: June 8 - 14, 2015

Weekly Astrology: June 8 - 14, 2015

Ready, set, go!
Maria DeSimone

Busy, busy butterfly! That's what you'll be this week with all of the cosmic twists and turns happening. Get ready, get set ... go!

Monday, June 8: Sun in Gemini sextile Jupiter

Tuesday, June 9: Mars in Gemini sextile Uranus

On Monday the Sun will be at a friendly sextile to Jupiter, expanding your optimism and faith. A sextile between Mars and Uranus on Tuesday will help you take action in an unconventional way to achieve your goals successfully.

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Wednesday, June 10: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini sextile Venus; Sun sextile Uranus

On Wednesday Mercury will be "at station" on its way to turning direct, which means he's not moving in the sky, but sitting still and preparing to make a turn. Planets at station are powerful, and on this day Mercury will be at a gorgeous sextile to Venus. It appears that you'll feel ready to make a decision about your love life or a financial matter. Try to sit with it for just awhile longer. If you wait until after Mercury turns direct (the very next day) to execute plans, there's a better chance for success. Still, you'll feel strong about knowing what to do.

Also on Wednesday the Sun will sextile Uranus. It's time to show the world just how original you can be. There's a reward in store if you're willing to showcase that eccentric part of you so go ahead -- what are you waiting for?

Friday, June 12: Neptune Retrograde

On Friday Neptune turns retrograde. Outer planets are retrograde for half of the year, and usually this isn't a major astrological happening. Still, in the day or two following Neptune Retrograde you might begin to feel more comfortable with your subconscious self. Pay attention to dreams and other breakthroughs that are possible during hypnosis, a psychic session or during therapy.

Sunday, June 14: Sun conjunct Mars; Saturn Retrograde enters Scorpio

On Sunday the Sun will conjunct Mars in Gemini, so you can expect an overabundance of mental energy that helps you walk your talk. What will you do with it?

Last but not least, on Sunday we'll experience Saturn backsliding into Scorpio again for his "last licks" in this sign. Saturn will remain in Scorpio until September 17, and during this time we'll have one final opportunity to work through some hard lessons relating to intimacy, financial responsibility, and skeletons in our closets.

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