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Weekly Astrology: March 13-19, 2017

Blast from the past
Maria DeSimone

This week might start off with strong forward momentum, but by week's end you could be taking a walk down Memory Lane. What does this mean? Read on...

Monday, March 13: Mercury enters Aries

Mercury enters fast-paced Aries on Monday where he'll remain until March 31. Your mental alertness is likely to kick into high gear, but so is your lack of patience for anyone who can't keep up. Traffic, long lines, and slow minds will be intolerable, and you'll probably need to take a few deep breaths here and there. If you have any decisions to make, you're likely to waste little time arriving at a conclusion. The best part? You won't second guess yourself.

Friday, March 17: Sun square Saturn

Life will take on a more somber tone as you move towards the weekend. On Friday, the Sun will square off with Saturn. This might put a brick over your ability to shine your imaginative and free-spirited light. You may need to take responsibility for something that you wish you could just run away from.

Saturday, March 18: Mercury conjunct Venus Retrograde

Finally, on Saturday, Mercury will bump into Venus which is now traveling retrograde. A conversation with an ex-lover might occur. Another possibility is that you and your sweetheart will finally get closure on a matter you disagreed about in the past.

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