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Weekly Astrology: March 28 - April 3, 2016

Use your words wisely
Maria DeSimone

It's all about communication this week, and more important than ever -- timing is everything!

Tuesday, March 29: Mercury trine Saturn

Tuesday will be your deadline to make important strides in business meetings, conversations, or negotiations. Pitch an idea to your boss on Monday or Tuesday the latest. Mercury trine Saturn will help you convey ideas responsibly and with authority. Your words will not gain you any respect however after this day.

Wednesday, March 30: Mercury square Pluto
Thursday, March 31: Mercury conjunct Uranus

On Wednesday, Mercury squares off with Pluto and on Thursday, he'll conjunct Uranus. This is erratic and explosive mental energy. At best, you'll be consumed with a brilliant idea that you're tempted to shove down everyone's throat. At worst? You'll really aggravate others with your words. Proceed with caution!

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