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Weekly Astrology: May 1-7, 2017

Shake it off
Maria DeSimone

This week is short, sweet, and powerful. You'll be saying goodbye to any stagnancy you may have been feeling, and will be welcoming in a more active energy that will have you fired up. Here's what you can expect...

Wednesday, May 3: Mercury Direct; Sun sextile Neptune

On Wednesday, Mercury turns direct in the independent sign of Aries after being retrograde since April 9. You can count on decisiveness and action after feeling stuck for the last few weeks. This will also be the time to initiate new ideas and plans -- you know, the ones that have been rolling around your mind over the last few weeks but that you've been unable to do anything with. Now you can!

In other news, also on Wednesday, the Sun, now in Taurus, will be at a friendly angle to Neptune. You'll have extraordinary energy that will direct your imagination towards any endeavor that allows you to shine. Spiritual dynamics are also strong.

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