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Weekly Astrology: November 16-22, 2015

Confusion and illusion
Maria DeSimone

You might not feel quite "yourself" this week. Blame Neptune! Read all about it here...

Tuesday, November 17: Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio

First on Tuesday, the Sun will be conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Your razor sharp perception will help you make the shrewdest decisions in business. You can also trust your gut when it comes to just about anything.

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Wednesday, November 18: Neptune Direct

The problem, however, begins on Wednesday. Neptune, the planet of confusion and illusion, but also spiritual awareness, will turn hurtle direct after having been retrograde for several months. A planet stationing retrograde or direct is quite potent, and now nebulous Neptune is "waking up." That might sound like a contradiction when you consider that this may lead to you feeling is if you're sleepwalking all day. Be gentle with yourself.

Friday, November 20: Mercury enters Sagittarius; Venus square Pluto

Then on Friday, Mercury will enter Sagittarius where he'll remain until December 9. You might be more tied to your opinions than usual, but you'll have no trouble defending them. Venus will also square off with Pluto on this day. Sexy energy, for sure ... but also quite difficult. Steer clear of power struggles in money and love.

Sunday, November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius

Finally on Sunday, the Sun enters Sagittarius. You're ready for a bright and shiny adventure. What horizons will you explore next?

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