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Weekly Astrology: November 21-27, 2016

Set your sights high
Maria DeSimone

Bright days are coming over the horizon and you have the power to turn your big visions into real-life situations. Keep reading to see all the good and bad coming your way this week!

Monday, November 21: Sun enters Sagittarius

The Sun enters Sagittarius on Monday allowing everyone to shine a light on ways to expand horizons and open new doors.

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Tuesday, November 22: Mercury sextile Neptune

Mercury will sextile Neptune on Tuesday, providing inspiring ideas to help you dream as big as you possibly can.

Wednesday, November 23: Mercury conjunct Saturn

Then on Wednesday, Mercury will be conjunct Saturn, helping you to actually execute this vision. Amazing!

Thursday, November 24: Jupiter square Pluto

On Thursday, you do need to watch out for overextending your reach and possibly intimidating others in the process. Jupiter square Pluto might lead you to come across as invading with your power.

Friday, November 25: Venus conjunct Pluto; Venus square Jupiter

Venus will conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter on Friday. Love is not light and sweet on this day -- it's all or nothing.

Saturday, November 26: Mercury trine Uranus

The week finishes off with Mercury trine Uranus, when all of a sudden your crazy ideas don't sound so crazy after all!

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