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Weekly Astrology: November 7-13, 2016

Your power is increasing
Maria DeSimone

It's a great week to get out and get things accomplished! There's much power in the air now, and you have an opportunity to boost your success. See which days are best by reading about all this week's Astrology below...

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Monday, November 7: Sun sexile Pluto

The week begins on a solid note thanks to the Sun making a sextile to Pluto. On Monday you'll enjoy feeling centered in your power. As a result, you should accomplish anything you set out to do on this day.

Wednesday, November 9: Mars enters Aquarius

On Wednesday Mars moves into Aquarius, where he remains until December 19. Expect a greater passion to help you move forward with a humanitarian endeavor, technology-related project, or, to prioritize your social life more.

Friday, November 11: Venus enters Capricorn

Venus moves into Capricorn on Friday, where she remains until December 7. This will be great for business since you'll have a keen ability to hone your talents in order to achieve greater mastery. You'll also become more cautious about matters of the heart.

Saturday, November 12: Mercury enters Sagittarius

On Saturday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius and remains here until December 2. Communication becomes outspoken and opinionated -- be careful not to put your foot in your mouth.

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