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Weekly Astrology: October 24 - 30, 2016

Digging deep and making changes
Maria DeSimone

The good news is your mind is strong this week! The not-so-good news is love could get complicated... Navigate these waters by reading about all of this week's Astrology below!

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Monday, October 24: Mercury enters Scorpio

On Monday Mercury enters Scorpio, where he'll remain until November 12. Expect shrewd powers of perception and razor-sharp intuition to guide you as you make decisions.

Tuesday, October 25: Venus square Neptune

Venus squares off with Neptune on Tuesday, casting a cloud of confusion over your love life. A disappointment is possible now...

Wednesday, October 26: Venus sextile Jupiter

By Wednesday, Venus and Jupiter will be at a friendly sextile, encouraging you to forgive and forget earlier disappointments. There might even be a generous gift if your sweetheart really needs to prove a point!

Thursday, October 27: Sun conjunct Mercury

On Thursday the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, highlighting communication. Research and digging for the truth are all favored under this Scorpio influence.

Saturday, October 29: Mars square Uranus; Venus conjunct Saturn

Mars squares off with Uranus on Saturday, while Venus is conjunct Saturn. Unexpected diversions might rattle you while you also face reality about a relationship or financial matter.

Sunday, October 30: New Moon in Scorpio; Mercury trine Neptune

By Sunday, a world of new possibilities opens up thanks to a perfect New Moon in Scorpio, along with Mercury trine Neptune. You'll plant seeds of intense personal transformation and will have a mind that remains inspirational and open to creative solutions.

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