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Weekly Astrology: September 5-11, 2016

Light and dark
Maria DeSimone

This week you can certainly expect plenty of happenings in several key areas of your life! Keep reading to see what's happening and when...

Wednesday, September 7: Sun trine Pluto; Venus sextile Saturn

On Wednesday, the Sun will trine Pluto while Venus sextiles Saturn. As a result, you'll feel vital, powerful, and able to express the very best of your talents out to the world with complete reliability and stability.

Friday, September 9: Jupiter enters Libra

On Friday, Jupiter enters Libra for the first time in 12 years. Until October of 2017, you can look forward to more cosmic support in the relationship department.

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Saturday, September 10: Saturn square Neptune

Come Saturday, we have murky waters. The last of three squares between Saturn and Neptune will emerge, creating a schism between what is real and what is fantasy. Blurry lines might cause you to lose footing -- but if you remember that hope floats, you should be just fine.

Sunday, September 11: Venus square Pluto

Then on Sunday, Venus and Pluto square off. Love is deep, intense, and tricky. You'll confront your lover's darker side. Are you ready?

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