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Our Daily Horoscopes are the most authentic Daily Horoscopes you will find anywhere. Master Astrologer Rick Levine has devoted decades of expertise into analyzing and writing the most accurate Daily Horoscopes to help guide you throughout your day. Taking every planet and aspect into account, your Daily Horoscopes are written by Rick and a hand-picked team of astrologers to provide the most well-rounded and comprehensive view of your day and all the energies at play.

Rick Levine

Master Astrologer Rick Levine

Rick has been a professional astrologer since 1976. He has written Tarot.com's Daily Horoscopes for over 15 years and is one of the most widely published horoscope writers worldwide. He is a respected leader in the global Astrology community, a published author, and the astrologer behind multiple personal Astrology reports available on Tarot.com.

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December's Featured Astrologer

Curious as to who's behind your zodiac sign's Daily Horoscope this month? Meet the astrologer behind the words you depend on to kick-start your day!

Laura Tadd

Dr. Laura Tadd

Dr. Tadd has worked as a consulting astrologer for 16 years. With a PhD in Human Science and a certificate in Psychological Astrology, she focuses on healing and personal growth through an astrological lens.

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Meet Our Daily Horoscope Astrologers

Rick Levine has compiled a team of top-notch astrologers to craft the Daily Horoscopes you know and trust on Tarot.com. Their insight and expertise have been hand-picked to deliver profound and useful guidance to help you make the most of your day, every day.

Chartreuse Tembo Barriere

Chartreuse Tembo Barriere

Chartreuse is the First Lady of Astrology, also known as the AstroFLOTUS. She is a published Astrology author, creator of The Venus Academy, and the producer and co-host of multiple web and radio talk shows.

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Sol W. Jonassen

Sol W. Jonassen

Sol has been working as a professional astrologer and healer since 1999 and holds a thriving practice across the globe. She lectures internationally, works for the New Paradigm Astrology, and is a Scandinavian representative for the Organization for Professional Astrology.

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Dr. Jenn Zahrt

Dr. Jenn Zahrt

Dr. Zahrt has been an astrologer for over two decades and holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. In addition to seeing clients and teaching classes, she serves the community through her publishing houses and non-profit services.

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Beth Koch Rosato

Beth Koch Rosato

Beth is a professional astrologer with over 35 years of experience as a consultant, teacher, and writer. She holds a diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, and currently teaches through the American Federation of Astrologers.

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Samuel F. Reynolds

Samuel F. Reynolds

Sam has spent nearly 30 years reading charts and studying Astrology. He consults, writes, and teaches Astrology full-time, and also serves on multiple Astrology organizational boards.

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