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Humanity's Inexhaustible Genius

Humanity's Inexhaustible Genius

Jeff Jawer

The technological marvels of human ingenuity have produced a world we can circle in a single day. We have been to the Moon and back, cured polio and we communicate with electronic media that send messages to millions or to one person at a time. Human beings have created music and art to lift our spirits and houses of worship to nourish our souls. We send convoys of ships and planes to feed hungry people and tend to the needs of loved ones and strangers in innumerable ways every day.

We are undoubtedly an intelligent species, yet for now the sum of our scientific genius has led to an overcrowded planet where the end products of our consumption are fouling the air, land and sea. Recovery from economic contraction alone will not restore coral reefs and eliminate life choking plastic from the ocean nor overcome the great divide that sets religions at war with one another.

Misinterpretations of ancient Mayan culture have led some to believe that we are coming to the End Times. Astrology’s position is that we are indeed living in interesting times, but by no measure does it support the idea that the world is about to end. The seven upcoming 90-degree squares between transformative Uranus and Pluto from 2012 and 2015 are echoing their conjunction that characterized the 1960's, but the world didn’t end then and it is unlikely to end in the near future.

Still, Astrology’s message is that major changes are in the air. I’m a little reluctant to say this because major change is usually envisioned in apocalyptic terms. We can imagine system failures that disrupt order and destroy comfort. Whether the images are vivid or cloaked in a dark cloud of fear and loss, they are not pretty pictures. However, isn’t it reasonable to expect that the human innovation that got us into this mess can also get us out of it? In spite of financial fiascos and environmental damage, human capacity for innovation is not dead nor has compassion vanished from the earth.

There are innumerable acts of kindness and generosity that occur every day. There is love in shantytowns and penthouses alike. There are young people discovering answers that can change the world and old ones with wisdom yet to spare. As long as there is life there is light. As long as one mind can stretch itself to unveil new truths there is hope for our renewal.

Bad news makes the news, but what we hear and see in the media doesn’t tell the whole story. Humanity’s days are not yet over on our lovely blue planet. We are still young and discovering who we are, still writing the story of our species. If Astrology has anything to say it is that the future will not play out as we expect. Uranus is the planet of surprises and Pluto symbolizes potency. There are deep reserves of power within us and a universe of unexplored possibilities around us that can make these gray days a simple passageway to brighter times ahead.