Jupiter in Taurus: Slow-Cooked Wisdom

Jupiter in Taurus: Slow-Cooked Wisdom | Tarot.com

Jupiter is the largest true planet and is considered the luckiest of them all in astrological tradition. In fact, this giant planet’s gravitational field is so strong that it attracts many of the potentially destructive bodies like comets, asteroids and meteors that might otherwise hit the Earth. Jupiter’s cycle is about 12-years, the period that it takes to orbit the Sun, spending about a year in each sign. It entered down-to-earth Taurus on June 4 this year and will remain there until June 11, 2012.

Boundless and optimistic Jupiter is somewhat constrained in pragmatic Taurus. Earth signs like the Bull tend to see reality as it is in the present and often resist the visionary images expansive Jupiter normally supplies. Therefore, a downside of this transit is a lack of vision for the future. We can be so bogged down with resolving current issues that we are less likely to peer over the horizon to seek out new solutions. This lack of imagination may be one of the factors in the, thus far, uninspiring run-up to the 2012 elections in the U.S. While the simplicity of Taurus is helpful when trying to break issues down to their component parts, this sign’s stubborn adherence to fundamental principles can resist real change and inhibit innovation.

Albert Einstein, among others, is credited with the notion that “you can’t solve a problem on the level of the problem.” That’s because we can be caught in dilemmas created by our limited choices. Stepping outside the dualities of right versus left, capitalism versus socialism, and fate versus free will, for example, broadens the mind and expands the range of ideas that can be brought to a situation. Simplistic answers, though, are an undesirable aspect of Jupiter in Taurus, which finds it hard to see shades of gray it an absolutist two-toned world of black and white.

However, if oversimplification means that we lump together groups of people in the same category by saying that all Muslims, women, Americans or whatever are alike, ignorance prevails and we are all the lesser for it. However, if Jupiter in placid Taurus slows us down so that we can carefully consider our judgments and plans, we are more likely to recognize a wider range of choices. Instead of blindly jumping to conclusions, this transit is a reminder to let information settle in our bodies where it can be processed at a more relaxed pace that will eventually provide more useful responses.

The smart way to go now is to make patience an ally. Ideas, questions and concepts that are taken in and thoroughly digested will not produce fast answers but will supply the most helpful ones. Short-cuts and short-term thinking may give rise to flashy notions, yet they are unlikely to be productive in the long run. Trusting a different kind of intelligence, one that works through a more organic process goes against the grain of our fast-paced society but this is where the greatest wisdom lies while Jupiter is in Taurus.