Jupiter in Gemini: Intelligent Faith

Astrology Blog: Jupiter in Gemini, Intelligent Faith by Maria DeSimone

On June 11, Jupiter will shift gears and move out of earthy, practical Taurus into much lighter, airy terrain: Gemini. When most people think of the planet Jupiter, images of a celestial Santa Claus are often conjured up. Jupiter, after all, is expansion, bounty, blessings and luck. What most people fail to realize about Jupiter however, is that this planet of prosperity potential isn't exactly as shallow as the Lucky Charms in your morning cereal. Jupiter, in fact, is the planet of faith, ethics, and optimism. Thanks to Jupiter's energy we all have the yearning to search for the greater meaning of life. Jupiter inspires us, nudges us to reach for higher mental ground. Jupiter is wisdom.

Enter Gemini. By all accounts this zodiac sign is quite clever, logical and chatty. Gemini is the student of life, and eagerly accumulates information to quench his ever curious mind. Gemini craves variety and communication in all forms. With Gemini it's all about collecting data, but Jupiter's domain is quite the opposite. Since Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius (the sign opposite Gemini), Jupiter's function in our lives is to take information and then spread the message of wisdom gained from the nuggets. Gemini asks "What is this?" while Sagittarius asks "What does this mean?"

In some ways, now that Jupiter will enter Gemini we'll have the best of both worlds. We'll have the student and teacher all rolled up into one. Our cosmic luck for the next year has everything to do with ideas and information. Exploring new and exciting facets of knowledge will expand our faith and lead to opportunities for personal growth during this exciting phase. Jupiter in Gemini is the ultimate storyteller. Tall tales are possible and the shadow may be an expansion of gossip all around us, however, on the positive side, Jupiter in Gemini is capable of telling those stories that hold incredible meaning. Think Aesop's fables and you’ll get the picture.

Also, consider Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Born with this planetary placement, I never forgot what her son, the late JFK Jr., said about her on the news when she died. She died peacefully, according to him, surrounded by her books and the people she loved. In fact, she asked her son to read to her on her death bed, which he did. How perfectly Jupiter in Gemini! No doubt she was getting closer to God through communication. Jackie O's personal expansion was a function of this placement -- an incredible socialite and conversationalist. We all get a little bit of Jackie O in us for the year. Not to mention Khalil Gibran, Mohammed Ali, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. We're talking about some true intellectual heavy weights here!

We can essentially boil Jupiter in Gemini down to this: Luck is in your mind. If you believe it, Jupiter in Gemini is certain you'll achieve it. Are lucky people more optimistic or is optimism a function of luck? These are the questions Jupiter in Gemini loves to ask. And this year you just might be clever enough to figure out the answer.

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