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Body and Soul: Changing Our Genetic Patterns from A.T. Mann's Blog

Body and Soul: Changing Our Genetic Patterns

A.T. Mann

As an exercise in willpower and discipline, I have been on a fundamental dietary change over the last four months. It involves literally re-programming one’s genes (and jeans!). It has finally become a habit, and it is a fascinating process as it involves a change that doesn’t leave one feeling like you are deprived in any way. Mine is called the Evolution Diet by Dr Gundry and essentially trains your genes to pre-civilized state: eliminating grains, sugars, processed foods (none anyway), little dairy except goat’s milk yogurt and some parmesano, taking lots of raw nuts and seeds every day, some little bit of dark blue and black fruits and berries, gradually lessening animal proteins, and eating tons of salads and greens. It does create a unique and fantastic feeling and is even visually noticeable by others at a glance. The clincher for me is when I spy my two 5-pound barbells around the flat and lift them, realizing that this is what I used to carry around in my mid-section and elsewhere. Quite sobering…..

The regime does allow a few glasses of red wine a night, but I take two or three nights off each week, and sometimes go without for a week. That, plus walking 18 holes of golf twice a week in this hot weather is a good regime, as well as the qigong (in our third year) classes each week, which provide spiritual movement and knowledge of the eight brocades and the movements of the five elements. Indeed I am starting a book with my young Daoist master about qigong cosmology and calendar dynamics as he correlates the seasons with meridians, acupuncture channels, and certain qigong exercises. They all, of course, link in to astrological and feng shui cycles and are of great interest. I think we will eventually start creating yearly calendars to which people can subscribe that will enable a close(r) complicity with seasonal health considerations.

I cannot recommend it more than the results show.