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Astrology Blog: Mercury Trine Uranus by Jeff Jawer

Mercury trine Uranus: Regenerating Genius

Jeff Jawer

Mercury, the planet of intellect, is in bold and creative Leo, where it tends to help us come up with innovative ideas. Flashes of brilliance may have opened some minds last week, when the messenger planet formed a harmonious 120-degree trine with inventive Uranus. These unexpected ideas and intuitive insights can race through our brains and be quickly forgotten, especially when we have no practical way of using them. Yet there are some planetary moves coming up this week that are likely to bring the most interesting concepts back for further consideration.

We will get these additional chances because Mercury and Uranus are turning retrograde this week, and they will form two more creative trines with one another this summer. Electrifying Uranus starts backing up on Friday, July 13 and won't return to forward motion until mid-December. While some revolutionary plans may be put on hold, this gives us more time to review our Uranian needs for freedom and originality so we can refine them to make our lives more exciting.

Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday, July 14, beginning its well known three-week backward period, when data, details, messages, travel and technology tend to be more complicated. This planet's presence in proud Leo, though, can make it hard to admit mistakes, which adds another degree of difficulty to this potentially confusing period. When ego gets in the way of facts we look foolish and waste time and effort. Respecting the creative process means that we're unafraid to question our assumptions because doing so can lead to even more valuable ideas.

Retrograde Mercury trines Uranus again on July 25 and August 18, offering second and third chances to stir up innovative brainstorms. Communicating these strange new concepts may be difficult, so don't fret if you can't express them in terms others easily understand. In fact, the creative power of these transits grows when you don't try to nail the concepts down in precise terms. Sometimes the mental sky is punctuated by lightning that offers an instant of illumination before we find ourselves plunged back into the dark. If that happens, don't fret, because this lightning of awareness will strike again and again.

Genius is supposed to be a rare gift, yet during these transits we all have access to brilliant concepts. The truth, though, is that bringing them down to Earth to apply in our lives is the real challenge. We encounter our internal doubts and the naysaying of others who cannot see the world as other than it is. Yet these are extraordinary times as change agents Uranus and Pluto are entangled in their transformational dance until the spring of 2015. We need your genius, so don't be afraid of strange ideas that can be keys to personal freedom as well gateways to collective change.