Saturn in Scorpio: An Angel in Devil's Clothing

Saturn in Scorpio: An Angel in Devil's Clothing

If you're a Libra, or any other Cardinal sign for that matter (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn), you might be heaving a sigh of relief over the news that Saturn is about to leave Libra for good on October 5.

Saturn in Astrology is the planet that represents lessons and limitations. He teaches us through stringent guidelines, and (whether we like it or not) in order to grow we must abide. Saturn is the stern parent that says "As long as you're living under my roof, you're going to do it my way." We have all been there. And as much as we've wanted to move out and go it alone, we knew we had to suck it up because the truth was that we just weren't ready to be on our own. We had to learn a few more lessons first.

That's Saturn's job. He targets areas you're weak in and forces you to take a responsible, no nonsense, grown up approach as you handle the situation. The bad news? He does not offer a free lunch. You have to do the work. The good news? If you do, he'll surely leave a reward at the door.

Well, Libras are due for a major reward in the sense that, since 2009, this sign has struggled with significant lessons revolving around their personal identity. Libras, I have to say, had it quite difficult at times with Saturn's energy, and this isn't because Saturn was especially mean to them on purpose.

It has more to do with the nasty clash Uranus and Pluto engaged Saturn in over the last couple of years. This energy was difficult for most Cardinal signs, but Libra or Libra rising folks in particular felt as if the weight of the world was on his or her shoulders. The lessons had a lot to do with major changes in the core areas of life -- identity, family and living environment, marriage and career.

Uranus and Pluto will continue to rub elbows from now until 2015, and although this gives Cardinal signs more revolution ahead, there will be a critical difference: They are no longer blocked or delayed in their ability to achieve it.

You see, on Friday, October 5, Saturn will enter Scorpio and it will not visit Libra again for 29 years!

So if you're a Scorpio or other fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius) does that mean you should run for the hills?

Absolutely not!

In fact, I'm a Taurus and I happen to feel quite optimistic about Saturn's trek into Scorpio even though I know it means significant lessons ahead for me in the area of commitment and partnership (Saturn will transit the 7th house of relationship for Taurus and Taurus rising).

So why am I almost giddy about this transit when, after all, Saturn is Saturn? It's because of the way other planets are relating to Saturn in the sky. Now that Saturn is moving into a new sign the energy in the sky will suddenly become lighter (a funny word to use against Scorpio, I realize) and more supportive. Saturn will be at a gorgeous angle to Neptune (vision, spirituality) in the sky allowing us to create a solid foundation (Saturn) around one of our greatest dreams (Neptune). In addition to this, Saturn and Pluto will be in a state known as mutual reception for the entire three years Saturn is in Scorpio. A mutual reception is an extra happy connection where each planet is in the sign of the other's rulership. It gives them an affinity and ability to work together with such simpatico it's uncanny. A harsh cry from Saturn rubbing elbows with Pluto while he was in Libra don't you think?

Saturn and Pluto in agreement will allow us to work diligently on making changes in our lives and solving problems without fear of what we need to let go of in order to move forward. With Saturn square Pluto for the last couple of years we fought it tooth and nail and it was a painful, painful process. No more. We're ready to embrace it!

I hope you can see the subtle differences between Saturn in Libra and now entering Scorpio after this post, and that now you, too, are ready to welcome this planetary change without trepidation. Even if you're a Scorpio you have nothing to fear. Be sure to watch your video horoscope this week as I mention what lessons Saturn in Scorpio will bring for each sign.

Saturn. He's a taskmaster and always will be. But at least this time he'll be less of a control freak and a little more zen. That has to be good!