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For Monday, Apr 9th, 2018

  • General

    General Horoscope

    Concrete ambitions dissolve into intellectual concepts when the Moon enters ingenious Aquarius at 2:49 am EDT. There are no major planetary aspects today, so we’re more likely to feel the disorienting fascination of the Moon’s anxious aspect with surreal Neptune. Nevertheless, the Moon forms a cooperative sextile with cerebral Mercury, enabling us to gather the data we seek, including hidden gems of information buried in the unread pages of a book.

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  • Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

    It’s as if you have been released from the necessity of reaching a goal that you recently set. However, you are not holding a Get Out of Jail Free card that excuses you from promises made. Nevertheless, you’re more interested in exchanging ideas with friends today than attacking the list of tasks on your current to-do list. Although you might be able to squeak by while working less now, it’s not wise to relax your efforts on those important objectives. If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent and persistent.

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  • Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

    You’re in a hurry to get back to work today because your mind is brimming with innovative ideas that could draw positive recognition from others. Ironically, giving yourself permission to daydream activates your imagination and might lead to a discovery of an unconventional method for performing a particular job. If you serendipitously stumble onto a way to increase productivity, don’t keep your epiphany from others. Openly sharing your breakthrough with your peers encourages a spirit of collaboration and strengthens your position in the group.

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  • Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

    A heavy cloud seems to be lifting, allowing you to dream about the future without being so burdened by the past. Naturally, old successes and failures continue to influence how you view opportunities in the present. Although the optimum moment to swing into action isn’t here yet, you could be ready for prime time as early as next week. Put as much energy and effort as you can into developing your strategy today. Practice makes perfect.

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  • Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

    The cosmos blesses you with a rare opportunity to explore the deep feelings shared by you and someone special. What makes this moment so unique is that you can confidently move into emotionally vulnerable spaces without worrying about the outcome. Thankfully, your current ability to remain detached enables you to reveal parts of your own psyche you might otherwise keep private. Just remember that taking a relationship to the next level is not limited to romantic interactions. All interpersonal activity holds great promise if you’re willing to open your heart.

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  • Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

    A partnership may hit a rough patch today, especially if there is a lack of communication. However, the apparent silence might not have anything to do with you. Avoiding awkwardness could be as simple as noticing how busy the other person is now. Rather than taking everything personally, assume the best and give people the gift of elbow room. Your relationships can’t help but improve if you generously offer unconditional freedom to those you love the most.

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  • Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

    Although your mind is on work, your ability to concentrate might not be up to par today. Ironically, you’re motivated to set easy-to-reach goals where each accomplishment builds your confidence and then aims you at the next milestone on your path to long-term success. Thankfully, your lack of focus can be turned from a liability into an asset if you simply let your imagination meander and take you wherever it goes. Your unconstrained thoughts possess a great deal of power and will lead you in the direction that’s most helpful in achieving your dreams.

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  • Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

    It’s extremely rewarding when your artistic skills can positively impact your productivity in the real world. At times your creativity comes and goes as if it has a mind of its own, but it appears to be sticking around for a while. Nevertheless, you could end up wasting the current cosmic gift unless you consciously envision your future exactly as you wish it to manifest. Self-reflection is a useful practice because today’s thoughts and actions set the tone for the days ahead. Energy flows where attention goes.

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  • Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

    Your astute perceptions won’t be easily misled today because you can see to the bottom of a complex emotional drama without even asking a question. You may be unsure of how you know the truth, but your current evolution requires you to stop looking for answers in the realm of logic. Rely on your intuition, no matter how crazy your conclusions might be now. Remember, you are a piece in a larger puzzle and trusting the cosmic feedback loop is part of your contribution to the cause. Aristotle wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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  • Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

    Your closest friends and coworkers might be worried about you today because you haven’t been acting like yourself. Although you are infused with the light of spontaneity, you are so serious these days that others may believe you're withholding bad news. Nevertheless, you could be quite optimistic now, while simultaneously calculating the odds of your success for each possible scenario that carries you forward. Rocket ship genius Wernher von Braun wrote, “I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest caution.”

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  • Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

    You may be suddenly struck with an unconventional moneymaking scheme today that is so simple you can’t figure out why you never thought of it before. Although pursuing this venture might not require significant bank loans or other formal fiscal structures, you will still need to think about financing your plan. If you decide to pursue the project, consider sharing the profits with someone who is willing to put up some investment capital. Humorist Will Rogers said, “The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.”

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  • Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

    Sometimes others see you as the King or Queen of the Land of Weird. You often enjoy that title because it gives you permission to do whatever you want without a lot of explanation. But occasionally, you want to hold a centrist position, rather than precariously living on the edge. Either way, avoid the temptation to prove your strategy is the only one that makes any sense. Be cautious; the more you defend your position, the less tenable it seems to everyone else.

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  • Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

    Your best ideas today are likely the ones that no one will ever know were yours. You are not seeking the limelight, currently preferring to work backstage on someone else’s show. But your avoidance of attention is powerfully different than your need to be acknowledged by your peers. You don’t care if you're seen by the audience, as long as your coworkers appreciate your contribution. Pastor Steven Furtick wrote, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

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