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August 2012 Capricorn Aquarius Horoscope

Fierce and focused

Your excitement level should be kicked up by the Full Moon in your sign on August 1. This brings your emotions to the surface, where they can be used to motivate yourself and to inspire others. This lunation receives favorable aspects from lucky Jupiter to broaden your perspective and open up several avenues of opportunity.

Sometimes, though, too much information is worse than not having any at all. You can't use all the ideas that are floating around, and you shouldn't agree to go along with some just to please others. Wait until at least August 8, when communicative Mercury turns forward in your 7th House of Others, to state your position because you'll have a clearer picture of what's possible then.

Efficiency, though, could take a back seat to being a good friend or co-worker as lovely Venus enters protective Cancer and your 6th House of Service on August 7. This is a time to show loyalty to colleagues and customers, even if it slows your other activities. Venus runs into stressful contacts with disruptive Uranus and Pluto on August 15, which can rock relationships or alter personal values. Fears may emerge, but it's wise to recognize that you can find alternative ways to reach your goals if some pathways are blocked.

On August 23, Mars dives into passionate Scorpio and your 10th House of Career, placing more demands upon you. If you're fierce and focused, you can be a very effective leader so cut out distractions and extraneous tasks to concentrate your efforts on the most pressing issue.