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December 2011 Aquarius Career Horoscope

Play your cards close

Although being secretive isn't your usual style, it might be wise to keep some thoughts to yourself on December 1. Venus, the planet of self-worth, joins dark Pluto in your ultra-private 12th House of Secrets then. This can spur issues in work relationships that could be very upsetting. Your instinct to resolve problems with the truth is a healthy one, but could be tricky right now. Take your time and make a plan before exposing your feelings. While you might be ready for honesty, others might not.

On December 10 the Full Moon in jumpy Gemini lands in your 5th House of Self-Expression. This is usually good for being creative and making presentations. However, this event is also a lunar eclipse, which has a tendency to bring up ghosts from the past. Aggressive Mars' stressful relationship to the Full Moon can trigger conflict over methods and minor matters. Focus on the task at hand because the personality issues that arise may be emotional rather than logical.

Sweet Venus' shift into your innovative sign on December 20 should put you in a better light. Your appeal to others increases, especially when you bring a playful and original approach to your interactions with them.

There's still unfinished business that can surface with the New Moon in Capricorn on December 24. Its union with potent Pluto in your shadowy 12th House of Secrets can expose someone who may not be working on your behalf. On the other hand, this event could trigger deeper desires that can motivate you to accomplish more next year.