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January 2012 Aquarius Career Horoscope

Go behind the scenes

Messages are mixed this month due to the transits of Venus and the Sun. The alluring planet of love is in your sign until January 14, polishing your image and raising the level of your social skills. Getting along with others comes more easily when you turn on the charm. It's hard to resist you when you give others your full attention and demonstrate that you have common interests.

Yet at the same time you're smiling on the surface, you may be a little reluctant to engage yourself fully. That's because the Sun is in serious Capricorn and your secretive 12th House until January 20. Working behind the scenes may be more productive than standing in the spotlight. There's contemplation that should be done before making your next serious professional move. You might even enjoy having more time alone, as if you were on a personal retreat to give yourself a chance to reflect and recharge your batteries.

Don't fret if you're not getting the recognition or rewards you desire because that can change rather quickly. The Sun's entry into your innovative sign on January 20 warms you with confidence and inspires you with creativity. This is the beginning of your personal year and a time to take on bigger challenges.