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April 2012 Aries Career Horoscope

Sharpen your skills

The Sun's presence in your powerful sign until April 19 puts more fuel in your professional tank. Ambition may grow stronger, especially if you're bored in your current situation. Feelings of restlessness should be turned into creative action, yet it's best not to jump too soon.

Your assertive ruling planet Mars is still moving backward when the month begins and doesn't right itself until April 13. This indicates a need to move cautiously and to be especially well prepared before proposing a project or seeking out a totally new career. Yes, you may feel like you're toiling in the fields under an unbearably hot Sun, which can stir anger. But putting that passion to use in a productive way includes sharpening your skills and getting additional training first.

Mercury blasts into your sign on April 16, firing up new ideas while reducing your willingness to wait for slower thinkers to make decisions. Original thinking, though, is a gift, particularly when Mercury joins inventive Uranus on April 22. This transit is excellent for seeing things from a different perspective, perhaps helping to resolve problems or inspiring you to take your career in a different direction. Your concepts, though, could be so unique that it's hard for others to understand them.

Mercury's challenging square with penetrating Pluto on April 25 is a time to cut through extraneous or confusing information and get to the heart of the matter. Your powers of persuasion could be formidable if you've done your homework and have built a practical foundation for your ideas.