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December 2011 Aries Career Horoscope

Talk is cheap

Your enthusiastic personality gets a boost with the warmth of the Sun in fiery Sagittarius until December 22. This transit occurs in your 9th House of Travel and Education, which can produce professional benefits from faraway places and institutions of higher learning. But talk is cheap with mouthy Mercury in optimistic Sag, where big ideas and bold words aren't always backed up by facts. Misrepresentation with unintentional lies or purposeful ones can be problematic, so be careful about what you say. This could be a major issue and one that causes misunderstandings until Mercury turns direct on December 13.

You might get into an argument or be under a greater degree of mental stress when the Full Moon in Gemini falls in your 3rd House of Communication on the December 10. Your assertive ruling planet Mars' stressful 90-degree square to the Sun and Moon can trigger conflicts at work.

It's important to focus on fixing small problems before they turn into major ones. Being more careful in your methods is one way to avoid problems. Sure, it's not fun to take instruction from a critical individual, but don't allow personal matters to get in the way of business. If you're upset, cool down and think about the task at hand rather than letting emotions take over. In fact, slowing down to manage your life in a calm and well-organized manner helps you make it to the end of the year with the least stress. Putting things off until the last minute will increase pressure that efficiency and planning can reduce.