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February 2012 Aries Career Horoscope

Slow and Steady Wins at Work

Your key or ruling planet Mars tends to be impatient. Pushing ahead quickly and directly tends to be your style. But slowing the pace may get you further this month professionally than being in a hurry.

The reason is that Mars turned retrograde on January 23 in the detail-oriented sign of Virgo. This means that being precise and careful in your work is especially important and will continue to be until Mars begins moving forward again in mid-April. Doubling back to redo a task may seem like a waste of time, yet it's more productive to make sure that everything is done correctly than to let carelessness prove even more costly later.

Further training and skill development are also ways to enhance your career during this period. Even if you're experienced in your field, you may find that you'll be more effective by updating your education. It may be hard to remain cautious, though, with the Full Moon in bold Leo on February 7. This occurs in your 5th House of Self-expression, which boosts creativity and increases your capacity to get attention.

Alluring Venus enters your sign on the same day, doubling your capacity to be entertaining and amusing. If you're interested in making a splash, this would be a good time to do it. But there is a risk of allowing the need to appear confident prodding you to make promises you can't keep. Be sure that you can back up what you're saying because if you damage your credibility, it could take a very long time to repair it.