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July 2012 Aries Career Horoscope

Manage your expectations

Working relationships could become critical this month. Your assertive ruling planet Mars is finally climbing out of your 6th House of Service and entering your 7th House of Alliances on July 3. This is, in some ways, favorable for strengthening current professional connections or making new ones. Going public with a project, or seeking employment or new customers can also benefit from this transit. There are, though, a couple of caveats to consider if your plans are to produce the desired results.

First, make sure you respect the wishes of those in positions of authority. The Full Moon in bossy Capricorn on July 3 falls in your 10th House of Public Responsibilities, requiring a clear sense of what's expected of you. Yet this lunation is joined by manipulative Pluto and squared by rebellious Uranus, which might put you in a less than cooperative mood or find you in a chaotic, pressure-packed situation. Setting your priorities is key, because letting go of obligations and plans that aren't working makes a major difference now.

Then, on July 14, verbal Mercury turns backward in your 5th House of Creativity. This might require you to double back to attend to some details or to make adjustments to your expectations. Promising too much is particularly risky during the subsequent three weeks. On July 17-18 your ruling planet Mars tangles with provocative Pluto and spontaneous Uranus, which could trigger a brilliant idea, but is also likely to provoke a power struggle. Take a deep breath and consider long-term consequences before you take action.