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June 2012 Aries Career Horoscope

Information overload

Connections and communication are key issues for most of June. The month starts with chatty Mercury and the Sun in verbal Gemini and your conversational 3rd House of Information. These are great for spurring ideas and chatting up potential customers and employers. It helps, though, to maintain your independent spirit so that your thoughts aren't clouded and confused by an overdose of information. More data isn't necessarily more useful, especially when it distracts you from the task at hand.

The Sagittarius Full Moon in your 9th House of Travel could affect travel and educational plans on June 4. This event is also a Lunar Eclipse that can shadow your schedule and darken your expectations. Letting go of a trip or training program that isn't essential to reaching your goals should save you time, money and energy. Big promises made by you or by others might need to be deflated to put them more in line with reality.

Speaking with sincerity is important when communicative Mercury enters sensitive Cancer and your security-seeking 4th House of Roots on June 7. The key to professional safety is to be honest with yourself. If you're in a job that unsettles your stomach, it might be wise to consider looking for an alternative line of work.

The Sun's shift into Cancer on June 20 reinforces this need to look inward and reflect on your level of satisfaction. If you're cranky, tired or aggressive, it's probably because you're not feeling secure or finding the stimulation you desire. Tense solar aspects on June 29 could trigger a conflict if you're not addressing these issues.