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March 2012 Aries Career Horoscope

Attention to detail

Speed control could be a major issue this month. This isn't about how fast you drive, but about the pace of your daily life. Generally, you like to act quickly and the impetus to think and talk faster grows when mental Mercury enters your impulsive sign on March 2. This tends to get your mind and mouth operating spontaneously. While this can be good for triggering some original ideas and opening the way to new connections, the potential to say or do the wrong thing is also greater.

This is especially true when Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, initiating its three-week backward cycle when an increasing number of errors and potential misunderstanding with others grows. Catching up with people from the past can be helpful in your work, yet a tendency to overlook critical details is a risk when you push ahead too quickly.

Another reason to slow down and even back up to refine earlier work and complete unfinished tasks is the ongoing retrograde cycle of your dynamic ruling planet Mars. It's still in reverse in your 6th House of Employment, where refining your skills and mastering existing systems is particularly important. The Full Moon on March 8 falls in fastidious Virgo and your 6th House, which can bring work-related issues to a head. While you don't want to get bogged down in nitpicky behavior, it's better to address little annoyances about your job than to ignore them. This lunation is another signal that further training in your current profession or beginning education in a different field can be a wise investment.