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November 2011 Aries Career Horoscope

Patience is a virtue

Dealing with colleagues, customers and bosses can require more patience than usual this month. November starts with the Sun in stubborn Scorpio and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Ideally, this can forge new alliances and strengthen old ones, but you'll have to be ready to compromise to make that happen. Patience, too, is an essential virtue for profiting from professional associations instead of being frustrated by them.

Opportunities through travel, higher education, religious organizations and faraway places may spring up when communicative Mercury and alluring Venus enter enthusiastic Sagittarius and your 9th House of Philosophy and Long Journeys on Nov. 2. These transits kick up the fiery part of your personality that makes you such a good salesperson or inspiring teacher. Promoting your ideas may come naturally and easily, but backing up your words with facts can be critical. Fortunately, your inclination to hunker down and deal with details is spurred by Mars' entry into efficient Virgo and your 6th House of Work on Nov. 10. While you may feel stifled by petty tasks, the upsides of this shift include sharpening your skills and mastering complex systems. The Full Moon in earthy Taurus that day falls in your 2nd House of Income. It can awaken you to a clear view of your finances and a newfound appreciation for your talents.

You get another wave of optimism with the Sun's move into Sagittarius on Nov. 22. But don't get too far ahead of yourself because Mercury's retrograde turn in this sign on Nov. 24 increases the likelihood of miscommunication and overlooked details during the following three weeks.