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September 2011 Aries Career Horoscope

Tighten Up Your Act

September may start out in a less dynamic way than your active sign would like. Your assertive ruling planet Mars is barricaded in self-protective Cancer and your domestic 4th house until September 18. The Sun, the source of power and energy, is in your 6th House of Service until September 23, which can bog you down in details and seemingly petty tasks that are unlikely to float your boat. Still, these transits are about tightening up your act, both at home and at work. Refining your skills helps you build a foundation for the growth that you desire.

The Full Moon in magical Pisces on September 12 occurs in your ultra-private 12th house, which can leave you feeling disempowered and like an outsider. Yet, if you can step back and give yourself time to reflect on your career, you might find inspiration in this emotionally charged event.

Mars' shift into audacious Leo and your expressive 5th house on September 18 enhances your creativity and puts more fuel in your emotional tank. The outgoing and risk-taking parts of you are more likely to emerge as of this date. Then, on September 23, the Sun creeps out of your adaptive 6th house and moves into a more public area of your chart. This is a good time to reach out to new people and to launch new projects. Aligning yourself with capable partners is facilitated by this transit in spite of some potentially tough days from September 25 - 28 when unexpected events and power struggles could temporarily knock you off track.