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April 2012 Cancer Career Horoscope

Manage your work-life balance

Demonstrating leadership and taking the initiative can advance your career interests this month. April opens with the Sun in pioneering Aries and your professional 10th House of Career, which can either put you under more pressure to hang on to what you've got or --even better -- motivate you to push ahead on projects. These could include a new job or even a new line of work. While this might seem risky, it's still probably safer than simply trying to stand still.

It is important, though, to be well prepared for whatever you take on next. Assertive Mars is in skillful Virgo, requiring a higher than usual level of expertise. Yet this planet is still moving backward (retrograde) until April 13, reminding you to double- and triple-check details to remain at the top of your game.

The balance between your job and your home life is brought into question with the Libra Full Moon on April 6. This lunation occurs in your domestic 4th House of Home Life to remind you of the importance of having a harmonious place to return at the end of the day. If you're worn out by your public responsibilities, creating a more relaxing environment when you're in private can provide the healing you need.

The Sun's entry into your 11th House of Groups on April 19 makes teamwork a more critical issue. The support and cooperation of colleagues can make the difference between frustration and fulfillment in your career. Joining a professional organization might also prove beneficial in helping you reach your long-term goals.