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August 2012 Cancer Career Horoscope

Stretch your mind

Opportunities may come from surprising sources early this month, with a quirky Aquarius Full Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources on August 1. You could represent support and ideas from others that might not be easy for you to accept. You will probably have to stretch your mind to make room for concepts that have never been on your radar. But this can also be a major boost toward a business partnership, or for you taking a step toward a new and different role.

People are likely to find you more valuable as of August 7, when alluring Venus enters your sign. This magnetic planet's presence in Cancer makes you personally appealing so that others want to be with you. However, there's an interesting balance to find between staying comfortable within yourself and remaining open to outside opportunities. Don't let your desire to stick with what you know get in the way of taking a chance on something better.

A formative conjunction of initiating Mars and sustaining Saturn occurs in your 4th House of Roots on August 15. You may realize that you've gone as far as you can in your current situation. If you're not ambitious, then settling in at this level would be fine. But it's more likely that this testing transit will challenge you to come up with new and more ambitious professional goals. There's no hurry to reach them, as this could mark a major change that is going to require plenty of time and preparation to pull off.